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Walkandtalk Therapy and Counselling

Being in nature is hugely beneficial for our wellbeing, so the combination of nature and talk therapy offers significant benefits to clients. This environment can provide a more inviting space for clients who might be reluctant to attend therapy in a room. This type of therapy has become more commonplace, starting off in the US, but increasingly embraced around the globe. The physical benefits of being active for the session, can have a calming effect, and allow for the safe exploration of your reasons for attending therapy. 

The sessions are held in the Phoenix Park, Dublin where a variety of trails and stimulating surroundings provide the perfect environment for this type of therapy.

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Face-to-Face Therapy and Counselling

I offer individual face-to-face therapy and counselling at my private therapy room, at my home outside Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

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Video Therapy and Counselling

I offer therapy and counselling by video and phone. Since March 2020 with the arrival of covid-19, video and phone sessions have been increasingly commonplace, and the feedback from clients who have attended sessions using these technologies has been very positive. It provides clients with the opportunity to attend, from the comfort of their own homes, which is often helpful as it provides a comfort and convenience to them.